Friday, September 3, 2010

The ongoing saga of the Ziggy Shawl

And the Ziggy Shawl still is undone.  When redoing it, I realized that I didn't think it was wide enough.  Something I thought when I was knitting it first time around.  So I frogged it again, back to the beginning loop.

There are now 5 repeats of the middle pattern & the seed stitch border is 9 stitches wide instead of 5.  WAY wider.  But I think it'll look much better that way.

Unfortunately, the power strip for the Xbox 360 came a couple of days ago so I'm being tempted away with my game.  But I am determined to finish it so I can move on.

I have 2 designs left to finish for my ebook after the Ziggy Shawl.  A felted bag & a ruana.  Or maybe a vest.  I may do the Cockatiel Shawl as a ruana instead.  Or maybe both.  Sometimes I have to start designing before the actual shape presents itself.

My yarn for the Cockatiel Shawl/Ruana (whatever!) will be coming either later this month or early next month, depending on when Colin gets it done.  I'm having him custom dye some beautiful baby alpaca/cashmere/silk in Lutino Cockatiel colors (yellows & a spot of orange).  It'll be like all of Colin's work, too beautiful to use, but I'll use it anyway.  I have a drawer devoted to his works of art.

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