Friday, October 29, 2010

New projects

I have been making lots of facecloths for the craft shows.  The first one is November 20 at the Grace Lutheran Church in Key West.  I still need to make soaps to go with some of them & others are father/son or mother/daughter sets.

I am borrowing an idea from the Mason/Dixon Knitting girls and knitting a baby blanket in Log Cabin quilt design.  But I am only using 2 colors so it'll look like a squared off spiral.  I'm using more of the Sugar 'n Spice & Peaches 'n Cream cottons so it'll be very durable.

Also, I have started a little Bangle Bag that swings from a pair of bangle bracelets.  And there is the Sea Bag which will be a felted lace pattern.  I've done the swatches for that, but haven't started on the actual bag yet.

I still need to get the design done for the Cockatiel Ruana so I'll be ready to start it when Colin finishes dying my yarn.

So much yarn, so little time.

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