Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm Back....Again

It has been a very long year.  After major surgery last year, I thought I was done with hospitals for the time being. NAY, NAY!  I've been 3 times this year, with docs finding two new conditions.  None are fatal yet so I'm committed to working on my businesses as best as I can.

Well, I finally have a new computer {Happy Dance}, aka "New Hotness" (thanks to Will Smith for that name).  So now I can go back to working on writing and charting patterns for my eBooks.

What's new?  I've started wire & bead wrapping cutlery.  I find interesting/pretty/unique dishware & use beads to go with the colors.  I've made several and hope to have many more done by Craft Fair Time.

I've also been working on my crochet-handled kitchen towels.  I did some for my last Art & Craft show before Christmas & they sold very well.

I hope to have pictures on my Etsy site soon of all my new creations.  A friend has a gorgeous, Italian-inspired kitchen and has told me that I can take pix of my creations using her kitchen as a background.  I am so excited.



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